Our customers are inventing, building and improving self-learning machines. We help our customers to fuel these AI engines, and to measure how intelligent they actually are.

We turn crowd knowhow into datasets NLP researchers can use. We work with our customers to tailor fit the tools we develop for them and that our freelance team is using.

Typically we help to improve sentence segmentation, domain specific terminology, monolingual and bilingual training sets. We create feature sets and we measure progress in accuracy and fluency of the translation output of NMT systems. We build tools that allow humans to verify and fix what happens inside the neural networks producing translations or spoken text.

We work with freelancers from all around the globe, all sharing our passion for:

If you have technical skills we could value, reach out to us on techjobs@datamundi.space. We are always looking for developers and web crawl specialists.

Datamundi is a Belgian BV.

A non-exhaustive list of work types

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